EVENT: 2017 LCNAU colloquium

The 4th Biennial Colloquium of LCNAU will be devoted both largely to the teaching practices of tertiary language scholars. Its theme will capture a wide range of discussions related to policy development, current trends in teaching and research, institutional constraints and opportunities, and approaches to reconceptualising the future of languages and cultures in Australia.

Date/Time: Monday, 28 November 2017, 9.30 am – Wednesday 29 November, 1.15 pm

Location: Napier building, North Terrace campus

Cost: Free for LCNAU members, $100 for non-members. Registration required

More information:

A major feature of the program will be a series of panels and presentations on Indigenous languages, including a keynote address, and a presentation of teaching materials and creative work developed to assist with language revival programs. Other major strands within the colloquium will be devoted to classroom practice and the use of new technologies.

The colloquium runs for two and a half days, followed by The Adelaide Language Festival on the final afternoon and evening (November 29, 2-7pm). Both events are free for current members of LCNAU, with modest fees charged for non-mebers ($100 for three days). All activities will be held on the University of Adelaide campus. The National Wine Centre, which is in close proximity, will host the Triebel lecture and the conference dinner. The program was developed through close collaboration between the three SA universities: Adelaide, Flinders and UniSA, and with major sponsorship from DECD, CoEDL, and SA School of Languages.

The contribution of postgraduate students is recognised by the award of a prize for the best paper presented during the colloquium.

The program currently consists of more than 50 papers, 5 keynotes and 5 panels, as well as the annual general meeting of LCNAU and the annual meeting of Heads of Schools of Languages.

Keynote speakers include:

Professor Yixu Lu, University of Sydney who will give the Triebel lecture sponsored by the Academy of the Humanities (modern European languages)

Professor William Wilson, University of Hawai’i (Professor of Hawai’ian language and linguistics, expert in indigenous language revival and education).

Professor Anthony Pym, University of Melbourne (translation studies)

Professor Alison Lewis, University of Melbourne ( German Studies), whose lecture is sponsored by the German Government (DAAD)

Professor Tony Liddicoat, University of Warwick (applied linguistics and language education)

Contact: Professor Emerita Jean Fornasiero FAHA, President of LCNAU,,  Business: +61 8 8313 5640, Other: +61 488 220 497


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