Meet Alice and hear why a Summer Research Scholarship can give you endless opportunities

Alice Netting applied for the 2017-2018 Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship Scheme (ASRS) to further develop her skills in many areas. We sat down with Alice to hear about her experience.

alice netting

Alice Netting recommends students who are considering going for the next round of ASRS to ‘go for it’.

Tell us about one highlight you experienced during the ASRS project.

A highlight I experienced during the ASRS project was the opportunity to work directly with an expert in the area of my interest, towards a wider project. I was given lots of opportunities to learn more about my topic of interest and understand better the importance of what I was working on, rather than just my specific tasks.

What skills has the project helped you to develop or expand?

The project has helped me to develop my skills in many areas, but particularly the ability to translate sources from Chinese and to analyse this critically. These are skills that I am able to use directly throughout my honours project this year.

What outputs have resulted from your project?

The work I did throughout the project in translating a number of Chinese language sources has gone on to contribute to both my supervisor’s research and my own honours thesis this year. In particular, I have been given the opportunity to present on it during a panel at the Asian Studies Association of Australia Conference in Sydney in July this year.

What would you say to other students who may be considering applying for the next round of ASRS?

I’d tell them to go for it. I would also recommend speaking to the academic/researcher/staff member responsible for the project you are interested in as you start applying, if you can, to get to know more about the project and what it will involve. Even if you aren’t awarded the scholarship, it is really helpful to let the experts in your area know that you are interested in their research. This might give you the chance to help if any other opportunities come up later in your degree.

To apply for the next 2018-2019 ASRS, find out more here.

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