Meet Emma and learn why you should apply for the Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship Scheme

Emma Carson undertook the 2017-2018 Adelaide Summer Research Scheme (ASRS).

We sat down with Emma to learn why she applied for the scholarships and what opportunities have arisen from her project; Revisiting the Tate Museum: History of Science in Action.

emma carson

Emma Carson highly recommends applying for the scholarship for anyone who is considering postgraduate study.

Tell us about one highlight you experienced during the ASRS project.
One highlight of the ASRS project I completed was the opportunity to go to Canberra to present at Australian National University as part of the annual Council of Australian University Museums and Collections symposium. This was an amazing experience as I was able to present my research to academics, learn more about the projects that other university museums are undertaking, and create networks that may help me in the future.

What skills has the project helped you to develop or expand?

This project has helped me to develop skills that are both useful to my studies and to everyday life. It has taught me how to balance my research and writing in a way that is more productive and meets quick deadlines. I have also become more independent because of this scholarship and am better able to study and travel on my own. As I am currently completing my Honours degree, I am grateful for the development of these skills and believe they will help me greatly over this year.\

What outputs have resulted from your project?
Outputs that have resulted from this project are ongoing. In April, I was able to present my research in Canberra at the CAUMAC symposium at Australian National University. This presentation was also presented at one of Rachel Ankeny’s seminars to her postgraduate students. Currently, an academic article based on my research is being developed between myself, Rachel and Mirna Heruc, which we hope to publish soon. A separate report and article for the UMAC journal are also in development as part of this scholarship.

What would you say to other students who may be considering applying for the next round of ASRS? 

The first time I applied for a Summer Research Scholarship in 2016, I was not accepted. Last year, I received my second preference. If you don’t get one the first time you apply, don’t be disheartened. If you can, apply for multiple research scholarships as well. Even if you don’t get your first preference, it’s a worthwhile experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering postgraduate studies or enjoys studying and is looking for a bit of extra money over the summer break.

To apply for the next 2018-2019 ASRS, find out more here.

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