Australian Government Department of Agriculture Permit to Import Quarantine Material

Do you regularly use one of the School’s Permits to Import Quarantine Material?  If so, you need to be using the latest Permit, which can be found on the School intranet, under “HSW (Safety)”, and then “Biosafety”.  Please note the following instructions:

  • Permits are regularly updated by the Department of Agriculture, for example after an outbreak of Avian Influenza.  This may affect the import conditions on the Permit, so it is best to check the website prior to importing material to make sure you have the latest Permit.
  • The Permit must be placed on the outside of the package by the sender, for access by Quarantine staff, with the relevant commodity clearly highlighted.
  • The sender should include a description of the commodity on company letterhead paper, with exact description of the material which must match a commodity description on the Permit.   This is not essential, but will speed up the Quarantine release process.
  • Contact the Permit holder (Alan McLennan) with estimated expected arrival date, and information on what the package contains.
  • There may be a Quarantine Release fee, payable prior to release of the package.  You are responsible for paying this amount.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alan McLennan.

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