Research Tuesdays – Invented in Adelaide

The world’s fastest road cycling helmet. Supercharged almonds. AI disease diagnosis. Common denominator? All recently developed at the University of Adelaide—the latest examples of our proud history of global-impact innovation. Keen to add your own? Come and learn how we can help.

Invented in Adelaide

What links the world’s fastest road cycling helmet, supercharged almonds, and an artificial intelligence disease diagnosis system? They’re all globally significant innovations recently developed at the University of Adelaide.

They continue a proud history. Over the years, Adelaide researchers have made vital contributions to landmark inventions including x-ray crystallography, penicillin, and the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch and cauldron; and there will undoubtedly be more.

Supported by world-class education, research and commercialisation infrastructure, the University has all the ingredients to help inventors tackle the world’s challenges, and maximise the impact of their work.

In this fascinating presentation, some of our leading researchers will review a selection of the University’s past innovations, and highlight exciting current initiatives to nurture tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The Presenters

Professor Noel Lindsay, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Entrepreneurship) and Director of the University’s Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at the University of Adelaide.

Kiara Bechta-Metti, Director, Adelaide Enterprise, the University of Adelaide’s innovation and research commercialisation accelerator.

Professor Robert McLaughlin, Chair of Biophotonics, Centre for Nanoscale Biophotonics at the University of Adelaide.

Dr Matthew Tetlow, Research Fellow for the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Universty of Adelaide.

Tuesday 13 June, 5.30pm, The Braggs Lecture Theatre, 

Research Tuesdays Invented in Adelaide

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