CBA workshop: SNPs in population- and phylo-genomics, 4-6 Dec 2018, University of Canberra

SNPs in population- and phylo-genomics

4-6 December 2018, University of Canberra

Have you got large SNP datasets and now are wondering how best to filter the data, to infer population diversity or structure, adaptation, or to delimit species and estimate their relationships? Do you have a bioinformatics or analytical pipeline that you would like to see used by empiricists? 

With increasing access to large-scale SNP data (e.g. from ddRAD, GbS or DArT screens), many of us now need to understand the nuances of cleaning and filtering data, and then analysing the data.

This 3-day workshop will include lectures and hands-on training from Australian and international experts spanning bioinformatics, population genomics and phylogenetics with SNP data. Emphasis will be on applications for non-model species, but there will also be examples of how to exploit genome assemblies from related taxa should these be available.

There are a limited number of places available for this workshop. To apply, please submit an expression of interest form by 15 October, 2018.

More information, including presenters and program, is available online. Please feel free to share this announcement with other interested colleagues.

A reminder also that registrations are still open for Phylogenomics using IQ-TREE, 7 December 2018, ANU.

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