WOW – PhD Top Up Opportunity

Wild Orchid Watch (WOW) 2018 POSTGRADUATE RESEARCH TOP-UP SCHOLARSHIP Orchids – Canary in the coal mine for climate change Australia’s orchid flora is highly diverse, with approximately 80% of the world’s terrestrial species and very high endemism. However, orchids are highly susceptible to environmental change and many species are threatened. A complex set of factors […]

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Research Success Stories

SA Scientist of the Year Congratulations to Professor James Paton who was recently announced as the 2017 SA Scientist of the Year. Congratulations also go to Dr Laura Weyrich, the 2017 Tall Poppy award winner. For more information on their research and other award winners please see: Other Tall Poppy Awards Other Tall Poppy […]

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Seminar: The other side of scientific writing

Publications are the universal currency for communication among scientists. But they are generally composed of dense, uninspiring language that can be laborious to wade through and difficult to understand. While objectivity and scholarship are cornerstones of scientific writing, there is another ingredient that is rarely emphasised or taught: the accessibility of the prose, the X-factor […]

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