Surviving at the Top Cocktail Evening

Jerry KleemanIt’s lonely at the top. We hear it often but is it reality or just a myth? How do those at the top of their organisations share the challenges of leadership or do they keep it all bottled up inside?


On Wednesday 8 September 2010, Jerry Kleeman, Chair, Executive Connection, spoke to leaders in the Adelaide business community about how CEO’s ensure they keep growing and learning. His insights drawn from experience in mentoring CEOs and business executives.


Building on Jerry’s perspective, academic staff member of the Adelaide Business School, Dr Jill Thomas, considered the role of education in the development of leadership and in facilitating a leader’s ability to cope with ongoing challenges.


Barry Burgan Jill Thomas Surviving at the Top

Listen to the podcast from the event on the evening of Wednesday 8 September 2010:

Surviving at the top cocktail evening, Adelaide Business School

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