New Master of International Business commencing in 2011

Two internationally focused events in 2010 have built much anticipation for the Business School’s new Masters of International Business, commencing in 2011.

Driven by Associate Professor Susan Freeman, a series of International Business Higher Degree research seminars and academic seminars were held in 2010 to build the International Business Discipline.

Of particular interest was the two-day joint International Business Higher Degree research seminar and International Business Research Symposium which were well attended by international and interstate students and academics from as far a field as Massey University, New Zealand, and University of Jyväskylä, Finland as well as nationally from Sydney University, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Monash University and Southern Cross University creating much discussion and enthusiasm for international business studies in 2011.

The International Business Higher Degree research seminar saw students undertaking Honours, Masters or PhD programs in International Business and Asian Economics and related fields present their research topics to a group of local and international PhD students and academics.

“The aim of the workshop was to provide a forum for students to present on their progress, allow academics and students to comment constructively and supportively on each other’s research and allow academics researching in these fields to broaden their understanding of these areas,” said Professor Freeman.

“The feedback was extremely positive, with some students saying it was the first time they had presented in a forum where they had received this level of feedback and constructive advice on the various stages of the thesis.
“Students highlighted the real benefit of hearing and seeing actual examples from fellow students of how they were solving such issues as developing critical literature reviews, methodological problems of non-response, assessing a range of tools for analysis for both qualitative and quantitative or mixed method thesis, and theory integration in the final stage of the discussion and conclusion chapters.”

The International Business symposium examined “SME Internationalization and born-globals: Where to from here?” with Professor Sylvie Chetty delivering the keynote address. Sylvie is Professor, the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, (Albany), Massey University, Auckland, in New Zealand. Internationally prominent, Professor Lawrence Welch, Melbourne Business School provided further debate around changing paradigms in International Business, making the two-day symposium a rich and highly collaborative event for the academic community.

“Having people of this calibre, such as Sylvie and Lawrence to speak to our group of staff and visiting academics as well as PhD, Masters and Honors students from around Australia and overseas was highly stimulating, and generated a great deal of discussion and momentum among the local and interstate International Business community,” Professor Freeman says.

“These two events have really helped to break down the barriers to working in the field for not only early career academic and Higher Degree Research students but also established academics, with the opportunity to network and create new research agendas for future publications and research grants. One outcome has been the decision to make the two-day symposium an annual event and to host it around Australia and New Zealand in the future.”

The 2011 symposium will be held at Sydney University, hosted by Dr Catherine Welch.

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