University of Adelaide Business students win Emerging Marketers Internships

University of Adelaide Business students win Emerging Marketers Internships

By Steph Walker

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has awarded five internship opportunities with major South Australian companies such as Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, Mitsubishi, Shiels, San Remo and Channel 9 Adelaide. Of the five positions available to students four were won by business students from The University of Adelaide.

The Emerging Marketers Internship Program is in its fourth year of providing students from UniSA, TAFESA and The University of Adelaide with a unique opportunity. The internship program provides marketing, advertising and communications students not only experience, but academic credit for their hard work. Speaking to winners Cassandra Shuard, 22, and Vanessa Kolaczkos, 21 they highlight the importance of this innovative approach to academic and real life experience.

To win an internship students provided a 2000 word response to a question posed by one of the internship companies. Vanessa Kolaczkos, winner of the San Remo internship tackled the Australian household in her 2000 word response, focusing on the changes between the early 70s and today to describe the marketing implications for a traditional family brand like San Remo.

“I will be working in their marketing department as an intern where a project is assigned to me on the first day. I will be working closely with each employee within the marketing department to ensure I get a scope on the areas that are available to me. These may include branding, market research, strategy, creativity and management.” says Kolaczkos, a Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Accounting, Management and Marketing.

Cassandra Shuard, winner of the Clemenger BBDO internship completed her Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management. Cassandra outlines her subject:

“The topic that I covered was social and digital media and I discussed the different types of strategies companies can use to help their business. The main conclusion that I came to was that for products to really succeed over the long term they should sell an idea of a ‘community’ rather than an actual product. Many consumers love connecting especially via the internet, so it is important for companies to consider whether their brand can sell a community rather than just a brand…I also discussed that social and digital media should only be one part of the ‘marketing mix’, and that some companies are not even suited to devoting a lot of time and money on such a strategy.”

“I get to see the whole process of creating a piece of creative work – from the beginning to the end.” Says Shuard, “For example, I get to see a brief (a document outlining what they want to achieve overall) that comes in from a client, which is then translated into a creative brief, and then taking to the production department. I recently saw the beginning and end of the SA Lotteries ad which will air just before New Years Eve…after seeing it a few times I actually might buy a ticket soon!”

Entries for the 2011 Emerging Marketers Internship Program more than doubled from the year previous. What’s especially  exciting is that 2011 is the first year in which internships have been incorporated into specific subjects. This means that students who compete not only have the chance to win paid work experience, but their 2000 word submission counts towards their overall course GPA. It is this blend of theory and practical experience that is not only essential, but coveted by the winning students.  “My current degree has many aspects with the different majors I have chosen. This way, I am able to broaden my knowledge and have many more opportunities and pathways once I have graduated. It has taught me all the theoretical skills I will need in order to start full time work.” says Kolaczkos. Shuard agrees, “My marketing degree has taught me a lot. I also found that by enjoying my degree I actually didn’t mind the work at all. I also believe meeting people in the industry can become a source of inspiration, and something to strive to”.

Both Shuard and Kolaczkos thoroughly enjoyed their degrees, and explained that the concept of a course with integrated internship opportunities is something they are very excited about, and hope such partnerships encourage other faculties and businesses to work with students in the future. “It gives you a lot more than what an actual subject could ever give. I still believe that you need the fundamental theories and foundations that university subject brings, but life experience is priceless.” says Shuard. Asked whether they would suggest other students consider such an internship both Kolaczkos and Shuard replied with a resounding yes, “Definitely. Marketing internships are quite difficult to obtain in Adelaide” says Kolaczkos. “Yes, I highly recommend it.” says Shuard, “In fact, I believe that if a student wants to stand out, it’s a necessity.”

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