First Round of SDCM’s “Starting with the Young” Initiative in Vietnam Completed

The first final Ecopolicy competition in Haiphong (Ecopolicyade) was held on 14 May 2013. Four Universities and 18 High schools with a total of more than 50,000 participants (Students and teachers) took part in the first round. Ten teams reached the final Ecopolicyade, which was attended by around 1,000 representatives from the schools, different Haiphong City offices, District offices, Government Departments and other organisations.

Eight (3 from universities and 5 from high schools) will take part in an International Ecopolicyade being organised by Dr Nam Nguyen and Professor Ockie Bosch as part of the 57th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences to be held from 14 to 19 July this year in one of two of the Evolutionary Learning Laboratories of the SDCM team (Haiphong City and Cat Ba Island). It was certainly a “Grand “affair as reported on the Television news:

The Government of Haiphong has been highly excited by the overwhelming response of students and teachers to the cybernetics game in which all those that participated learned more about systems thinking and how all the different parts of any system (countries in despair in the case of Ecopolicy) are interconnected and how the complex problems of our time cannot be solved through traditional linear thinking.

The Government has realised the value of this revolutionary learning tool and is now leading a second phase in which not only more schools and universities will be involved, but has decided that officials and others from all the different Haiphong City offices, district offices and Government departments will also be involved in Ecopolicy competitions to learn more about “a new way of thinking”.

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