Two out of eight invited keynote speakers from the University of Adelaide Business School

Professor Ockie Bosch and Dr Nam Nguyen from the Systems Design and Complexity Management Alliance (SDCM) in the Business school are both invited keynote speakers (all costs paid) at the International Conference on Social and Environmental Education in Taiwan from 21-22 July 2013.

This is an honour for the SDCM team and the Business School to have two of the eight invited keynote speakers from all around the world coming from the same institution.

The title of Professor Bosch’s talk is “Using an Evolutionary Learning Laboratory Approach to develop an Integrated Systemic Master Plan for the governance of Haiphong – A World First?”.

Dr Nguyen will talk about the research SDCM is doing on the creation of future leaders that will focus on long-lasting solutions rather than short term fixes in his talk “The art of interconnected thinking – Starting with the Young”.

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