Adelaide Students Enter the Corporate World

During the mid-semester break 12 commerce, economics and law students headed to Sydney to start their journey as ‘global corporate citizens’. This study tour was designed to complement the students formal study and best prepare them for life after University, both personally and professionally.

Their first stop – checking into the luxurious Sofitel Wentworth Hotel Sydney. The hotel also had a Prime Ministerial feel, with the now PM hosting their election party in the same venue. A sign of things to come for our future leaders?

Group shotA major component of the trip was a five day program with the Sydney School of Protocol, graciously hosted by Julie Lamberg-Burnet and Marlous Teh. Throughout these sessions, students explored their own personal brand and learned modern day workplace etiquette. There were communication, dining, grooming and networking sessions designed to prepare students for all business and associated social scenarios that they put into practice at panel discussions with inspirational leaders and at a cocktail graduation function overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Being Australia’s corporate and commercial capital, no trip preparing for a life as a global corporate citizen would be complete without visiting some of Australia’s largest companies. Throughout the week students visited PKF Lawlor, Gadens Lawyers, McKinsey Consulting, ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank Innovation Lab and learnt more about what day to day working life at these companies is like, and importantly, how students can be best placed to be successful for the highly competitive graduate positions. A highlight for many was visiting McKinsey’s office, which aside from having surely the most fantastic views in Sydney, allowed students money can’t buy access to staff and the opportunity to work through a case study similar to what McKinsey Business Analysts are required to complete as part of the recruitment process.

It seems the employers met along the way were equally impressed with students, with many inviting students to connect with them over LinkedIn and PKF Lawlor seeking resumes from all in attendance.

The true success of this study tour won’t be realised for many years to come when the participants are excelling in a career of their choosing. For now, our students are more confident, better placed for success and more aware of the world of opportunity available to them once they become Adelaide graduates. This is nicely summed up by Olivia, a B Commerce student:

“Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learnt how I could succeed in the corporate world. I therefore feel this tour is valuable for students who want to gain a ‘kick-start’ in their corporate career and learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting”.

A huge thank you to Adjunct Professor David Pender and Anna Cosentino for instigating and leading this study tour. Also to all of the alumni and professionals who generously gave up their valuable time for the students during the week, they are incredibly grateful.


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