KEDGE Business School students share their study experiences

Last September, Adelaide Business School welcomed the first Wine Business students to the University of Adelaide from a new partnership with KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux, France. This new study opportunity enables postgraduate wine business students to study in Bordeaux and access international industry placements and global leaders in wine industry.

What would you say to current students thinking of visiting KEDGE Business School? 

Manon: Bordeaux is a really attractive city in the South of France. The weather is nice and the culture as well: gastronomy, landscapes and wine. There is also a lot of events and it is a student city. Bordeaux is also a really convenient place to travel as it is well served and at the centre of Western Europe. Read more

Morgane: I would say that Bordeaux is a great city to study wine. I’m pretty sure they will enjoy discovering the different wine regions. They will have classes quite complementary with what they did here. There is also an association for abroad students which is called “Melting Potes”, it will help them find accommodation and students will be able to attend events. There is an association of wine called “AOC”, there are free tasting each Tuesdays and some estate visits on Thursdays. Read more

Alice: I would tell them that Bordeaux is a great region of France and that they would have the opportunity to visit France because everything is closer than in Australia. Moreover, I’d tell them that they’d have the opportunity to study in the original wine area, and would learn a lot about the wine history in France and Europe. Read more

Our Wine Business program director Marni Ladd highlights the benefits of why this exchange opportunity is important for students? 

“International learning opportunities are important for all students, but especially those who work in the world of wine. As part of the Great Wine Capitals, we at the Adelaide Business School we have the ability to connect students with wine markets and learning opportunities all over the world.  Specifically, our partnership with KEDGE Wine and Spirits Academy now links two of the most important wine regions of the world. Welcoming French students into our classroom means that we can be leaders in innovative and globally focused education, by providing greater diversity in the student cohort, and creating partnerships between students that will continue well beyond the exchange but continue into life long professional relationships. Sending our students to France will expose them to one of the world’s most important wine markets, immerse them in the Mecca of Old Wine and introduce them to a different business culture, sales channels and production methods. It is very exciting for all.”

Manon Charbonnier

Manon Charbonnier

How did you discover your interest in wine? During my studies in Bordeaux, I attended events organised by the wine association. It helped me discover wine and pursue an internship in a wine cellar, that made me realise that I wanted to work in the wine industry.

What attracted you to the study at the University of Adelaide? I chose the University of Adelaide because I thought that Adelaide is the best place to be for studying wine as it is a great wine region.

Tell us about your wine learning experiences. I really enjoyed the courses and found they were complementary with the ones I had in France. One course I met a winemaker and it allowed me to have deeper discussion about wines.
Finally, I visited some estates in the Barossa and the McLaren Vale to go further. I think wines here are quite different from French ones and I discovered really quality wines here.

How will this help you in future? I can understand the Australian wine market better so that it will allow me to compare learnings and experiences with France. I think it is really important to know a bit about every market because wine is a global business and every firm is looking for from someone who will be able to understand several markets. Within five years I’d like to be working for a prestigious company and have responsibilities concerning the strategy of it.

 Morgane Catteau

Morgane Catteau

So what attracted you to study wine? I was born in Burgundy, I was raised with a wine culture. I’ve always enjoyed it and studying in Bordeaux was a great opportunity to do it. I choose the University of Adelaide because it offers one of the most complete programs in terms of wine learning opportunities.

What are your first impressions of Adelaide? I would say that Australia is quite different from France. I really enjoyed discovering wildlife, landscapes. There are so many things to see: pink lakes, amazing beaches, national parks and so on.

What learnings will you take home? As a whole, it was really complementary with what I have been learning in France. It allowed me to improve my wine knowledge. I think that being aware of the Australian market could be helpful for me. I’m pretty sure that all the stuff I learned about exporting will also be useful. I guess it is also important to go deeper, that’s why I’ve been furthering my wine experience by my own: visiting the Wine National Centre, the Barossa Valley, the McLaren Vale, attending wine events in Adelaide. There are so many things to learn about wine here.

What are your future plans? I would like to work for an international company, I would like to begin doing some marketing for a well-known brand.

 Alice Potrel

Alice Potrel

Out of the four wine courses you completed which one did you enjoy the most? Wine 7000: Learning Discoveries in Wine. I found this course very interesting because we had the occasion to work with a real company and at the same time discover a part of the Australian Valley: Adelaide Hills. This course was about marketing strategies for a company, which I’m in.

How can we improve this learning experience for other KEDGE students? Possibility to attend the Tasmania Wine Business Trip, which would have been a great opportunity.

What are your ambitions and future plans? When I’ll be to France, I’ll join a Wine Club company for a six month internship. I’ll be back around my family, and start again my working life in Paris, which I’m looking forward to it. After my graduation, I’ll like to work in a wine business, in the marketing department, on web marketing and event projects.

It was great to meet you all. Thank you for sharing your learning experiences with us. Bon voyage!


For more information read about our Wine Business Courses or talk to our Student Advisor Sarah May on 08 8313 5591.

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