Research Contract: Extending the Reference Combat management and System Execution Modelling Capability

Review of Model Driven Software Engineering Practice: Extending the Reference Combat management and System Execution Modelling Capability. K. Falkner, N. Falkner and C. Szabo, DSTO Research Contract ($490,000) (2012-2013)

This contract will form the next phase of collaborative research on the research and development of new System Execution Modelling capabilities, the next phase of development of the Reference Combat Management System and development of software and hardware architecture visualisation tool suites. The research will also examine new software development philosophies and techniques to complement the research areas.

The project will continue the research initiated in prior research agreements utilising specialised knowledge bases and skill sets in the System Execution Modelling and Open Architecture Combat System domains, while extending into complementary fields. As with previous collaborative research, this project will once again focus on building capabilities associated with providing insight into integration and performance early in the development cycle of distributed real-time and embedded systems, specifically maritime combat systems.

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