Position Available: Software Developer

DIG has a position available over the summer break within our project on Security within Virtual Environments. We are looking for someone with good coding skills, good problem solving skills and an interest in working with our group to learn more about security and performance issues.

A weakness in the X86 architecture allows programs to manipulate the cache of other programs, thereby affecting the performance of the other programs. To evaluate the risks with this weakness, you will be working closely with members of the DIG team to design attacks exploiting the weakness and to measure the effect of the attacks on standard performance benchmarks such as SPEC CPU2006, Phoronix Test Suite and Parsec.

Selection Criteria:
* Experience with C or C++ in a Linux environment
* An understanding of how C/C++ code translates to machine code
* Willingness to learn new technologies
* Ability to clearly communicate complex technical information clearly
* Ability to work independently

The position would commence in December, and would finish around the end of February next year. It is possible for this position to be either part-time or full-time.

If you are interested in this position, please send an application including your academic transcript and CV, to Katrina Falkner (

Applications are due by 8th November.

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