CDIT presenting at ECC 2014

Yuval Yarom recently attended  the workshop on Elliptic Curves Cryptography 2014 at Chennai, India, where he was invited to present our work on cryptanalysing ECDSA

Side-channel attacks on ECDSA

Side-channel attacks aim to break cryptosystems by exploiting information leaked through the interaction of the Implementation of the cryptosystem with its environment. This talk presents some recent advances in side-channel analysis. It demonstrate how to combine a new side channel, a recently discovered property of many standard elliptic curves and an improved lattice technique to break the OpenSSL implementation of the Elliptic Curves Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). When used against the secp256k1 curve, employed in the Bitcoin protocol, an adversary can break the cryptosystem by observing as little as 25 signatures.
This is joint work with Naomi Benger, Joop van de Pol and Nigel Smart

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