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Outstanding Chinese Language students recognised

On May 6 the Confucius Institute held its annual award ceremony for the Confucius Institute Chinese Language Prizes.

Seven students from beginners to advanced classes were recognised for their outstanding achievements studying Chinese at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Asian Studies. They received certificates and a cash prize each.

Tim Williams, a graduate of the University of Adelaide and Centre of Asian Studies was the guest speaker for the night. He is currently working at Norman Waterhouse Lawyers and is also a Committee Member of the China Australia Business Council.

Tim gave an inspirational speech to the students and emphasized the importance of continuing to study Chinese, even after the end of their university studies. He mentioned what a life changing experience studying in China for a year had been for him and he encouraged students who hadn’t been to China to take the opportunity and apply for a scholarship!

Tim also emphasised that the job prospects for people who have studied Chinese are very good and that many companies will need such expertise.

The Confucius Institute would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners, and we wish them the best for their studies of Chinese in the future.

The winners of the Confucius Institute Chinese Language Prizes in 2010 are:

Chinese I

Achievement: Melissa Brown
Merit: Philippa Campbell

Chinese II

Achievement: Megan Macauley
Merit: William Botha

Chinese III

Achievement: Kelsey Wilkins
Merit: Caitlin McCaffrie

Advanced Chinese Prize:

James Oswald

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