2010 State Chinese Language Teachers Conference

The Confucius Institute hosted the SA Chinese Language Teachers Conference: “New Directions on teaching and learning Chinese language and Asia literacy; Embracing the change” on August 21 2010. The conference was jointly presented by the Confucius Institute, the Chinese Language Teachers Association SA and the Chinese Language Curriculum Studies Association.

The conference featured a combination of workshops delivered by academics /teachers in the field of Chinese studies and language learning. The topics of the presentations included “Interactivity in character learning”, “Students filming themselves to develop oral skills” and the latest techniques on how to teach Chinese to Australians. One of the re-occurring themes of the conference was the way in which repeating patterns and rhythms, including by singing and dancing, can make it easier for Australian students to learn Chinese. Another theme was the ways in which information technology can be used to engage students in learning Chinese.

This was the second Chinese teachers’ conference the Confucius Institute has hosted and we’re looking forward to seeing what next year’s conference brings!

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