A Day in Shanghai with Inspector Chen

1:00 – 2:00pm

Thursday 11 August

Stratton Room, Level 4, Napier Building


Based around the work of internationally acclaimed crime writer Qiu Xialong who, in conversation with Dr Christine Velde, writer and past resident of Shanghai, and Maureen Bell, Research Librarian Barr Smith Library and a passionate crime fiction enthusiast, will give us a glimpse of the fast–developing metropolis that is Shanghai.

We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to host Qiu Xialong in Adelaide at short notice. This opportunity provided new links to China and in particular to Shanghai through Dr Velde, and to a significant crime writing resource in the Barr Smith Library that Maureen Bell has assembled.

A passion for crime fiction is evident as book sales soar and new writers appear daily on the list — but have you ever admitted to reading it? If you are shy about your obsession this Conversation will give you courage. Through the character of Inspector Chen our guest will reveal some of the charms and mystique of Shanghai. With first-hand experience of living in Shanghai, Dr Velde will also offer insights, while Ms Bell’s views on crime fiction as a genre will stimulate discussion around literature vs popular fiction.

Do have a look at the wealth of crime fiction in the Barr Smith Library on the site and borrow an Inspector Chen novel before the Conversation!

We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to host Qiu Xiaolong in Adelaide at such a short notice.

For further information please see the flyer, call 8313 3086 or email


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