CB 2/12: The Challenges of Building a Social Sector in China, 15 May 2012

In this second China Briefing of the year, the topic of social reform in China was discussed by two experts, Professor Keping Yu and Professor Emeritus Andrew Watson. The Chinese government introduced social reforms in 2002, understanding that the extremely rapid economic development not only put China on the world stage as an economic powerhouse, but also created growing social inequality and therefore social unrest. The challenges facing the Chinese government in the process of securing more social justice and stability by reforming the social sector were discussed and the meaning of  the concept ‘Harmonious society’, which plays a central role in the current 5-year economic plan, was explained. 

105 guests from the business community, government and education sector attended this Briefing.

Please find here the presentation offered by Professor Keping Yu and Professor Emeritus Andrew Watson. The video of the event will be available on our website soon. 

Flyer ; speakers’ bio


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