“Sino-Australian Business Disputes: Best Practice Dispute Resolution for South Australian Companies Engaged with Chinese Companies”

Over the past semester, Ms Bethany Nolan from the University of Adelaide has been conducting a research project for the Confucius Institute. The aims of the report were to research best practice dispute resolution for Sino-Australian business disputes and investigate whether SA companies act consistently with this finding.

The report found that best practice dispute resolution for Sino-Australian business disputes is first negotiation, then mediation and finally arbitration or litigation if necessary. Responses to the survey indicate that SA companies generally agree with this order.

It is important that SA companies have a solid understanding of their various dispute resolution options before undertaking business with Chinese companies. The report found that while South Australian companies do understand the benefits of negotiations, they may fail to appreciate the potential use of other dispute resolution options. In some circumstances, companies should be prepared to advance to more formal processes. This report provides preliminary advice to SA companies on the use of negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration.

The Confucius Institute and Bethany would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the survey. Their contributions have added invaluable insight into the practices of SA companies engaged in business with Chinese companies. This report would not have been possible without them.


You are welcome to view the report on the Confucius Institute’s website here:

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