Confucianism & Education: A Study of the Analects

The Confucius Institute was pleased to welcome Professor Pan Wenguo from East China Normal University for a discussion on education and Confucianism on December 3, 2013.

Chaired by Dr Delia Lin, Lecturer of Centre for Asian Studies, University of Adelaide and attended by over 50 people including a number of local scholars, school principals and students, Professor Pan shared an interesting insight into Confucius’ Analects – particularly the first chapter. Of particular interest was the fact that similar to recent trends in Western education methods, Confucius introduced learner-centric education in his time around 2,500 years ago!

Mr. Pan Wenguo is famous linguist and scholar in many fields such as the comparative study of both Chinese and English and translation studies. He has worked in the University of Leeds, University of Manchester, Nanyang Technological University, Stanford University and spent time working for the Victorian Department of Education amongst other things.

Professor Pan presenting his calligraphy to the Confucius Institute

Q&A Session


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