New Website, Newsletter & Social Media

We welcome you to our improved and more easily navigatable website to explore our cultural and business programs and register for events.We have also recently created and revamped all our social media channels. Feel free to utilise these outlets to connect with us and stay up to date on our upcoming programs and events.

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WeChat: A New Resource for Chinese Learners

The Confucius  Institute is pleased to announce the launch of our very own Weixin / Weibo account. You can search for it on your mobile phone’s wechat app under contacts/official accounts/add with the account name of ConfuciusADL. The Wechat app can be downloaded onto your phone here: 

Apple Android

Our account will feature number of updates posted each week in English with some Chinese that are useful and relevant to your students on topics such as China’s pop culture, Chinese Word of the Week, Food & Travel in China and more. We encourage learners of Chinese to download and use this resource to keep motivated in your Chinese learning.

We have also launched our Weibo account which can be followed here: (in Chinese but with English option)

We hope that by encouraging student’s use of WeChat, it will be a bridge that helps connect student-to-student, teacher-to-teacher and school-to-school relationships between China & SA.

Friday Round Up

The Friday Round-Up’ is our free weekly newsletter that reports the latest China news relevant to Australia and provides a convenient list of upcoming China-related events in South Australia.

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