China Briefing 30 April 2014: Australia- China FTA Negotiations

Australia – China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations have been ongoing since 2005. Prime Minister Tony Abbott is aiming to sign the agreement by the end of this year, a key move in the bilateral relationship and an opportunity for further economic growth for both countries.

Due to the pressing nature of this topic, on Wednesday 30 April 2014, the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide welcomed two expert panel members to discuss this important topic.

Mr. David Morfesi, Executive Director, Institute of International Trade, University of Adelaide presented the facts of the trade agreement and debunked popular myths about the agreement including: Chinese FDI as a danger to particular industries and how easy it will be to take advantage of mass market opportuntites after the trade deal is completed.  Providing facts from research and experience, Mr Morfesi provided the reality of the trade agreement in a informative and energectic presentation.

Professor Xin Li, Beijing Normal University and Research Assistant, Peking University discussed the economics behind the FTA and proved why the Sino-Australia FTA is one of the most important to China’s growing economy. She also discussed how the FTA is a “win-win” for both sides and which industries would be benefit from the agreement.

Both presenters provided a well-rounded overview of the direction and expectations of the FTA. They took questions from the audience which revolved mostly around negotiations.

Nibbles and drinks were provided during the networking event after the panel.

Thank you to our sponsors: Santos, HKABA, and EY for their support.

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