12 Sept 2014 OzAsia Annual Lecture, Confucianism and the Jewish Faith: Secrets to Modern Success?

Presented in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival, the lecture was held at the Adelaide Festival Centre on September 12. The discussion compared the Jewish faith to Confucian values and drew many similarities between the two cultures.

The Jewish people as an ethnic group are perceived as being highly successful in adapting to and embracing the changing canvas of modern times, while upholding to their traditional cultural values. In comparison, the Chinese also have longstanding cultural traditions with Confucianism at the core, but have the Chinese been as successful in adapting to change?

Attended by over 120 guests, the speaker, Professor Fu Youde of Shandong University, gave the fascinating presentation.Professor Fu Youde has Bachelor and Master degrees from Shandong University and a PhD from Peking University in philosophy. Professor Fu establised the Research Institute of Jewsih Culture and he is now the director of the Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious  Studies of Shandong University. We were very priviliged to have him join us for this insightful lecture.

Over the last 5 years the Public Lecture series addresses areas of interest to an Australian audience and present perspectives from internationally renowned speakers which challenge popular views about China. The lecture sparked an interesting and open discussion between the presenter and audience members during an informative Q&A section.

The video from the lecture is now available on YouTube.

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