12 November: Cross-Culture Values and Its Impact on Language

In this Confucius Institute China Briefing the panel of experts, from Australia and China, explored how cross fertilisation of cultures can influence the local language.


Professor Hou Ping Ping, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, Shandong University (China)
TOPIC: The influence of Western Media on Chinese culture and language

Dr Song Xianlin, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Asian Studies, University of Adelaide
TOPIC: Transcultural approaches to translations

Mr Andrew Scrimgeour, Research Fellow, School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, University of South Australia
TOPIC: Developing Chinese culture: Literacy in a Chinese Language Program

Chair: Dr Delia Lin, Lecturer, Centre for Asian Studies, University of Adelaide
Dr Lin’s ¬†research passion lies in the nexus between politics, culture, language, philosophy and psychology. In particular, she examines emerging trends and issues in political and cultural philosophy, political and cultural psyche and language phenomenology in China.¬† She teaches Chinese, translation and social science courses at the University of Adelaide.

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