2016 Confucius Institute Annual Lecture celebrates Chinese contribution to Australian society

The list of China’s gifts to humanity begins with the four great inventions: paper, gunpowder, printing and the compass. What else has there been? What else might there be?

On May 11 the University of Adelaide’s Nicholas Jose presented the 2016 Annual lecture in front of an audience of around 200 people, discussing China’s contribution to our ‘shared humanity’ in terms of ideas, art and values, in an Australian context and in his own life as a writer the talk was exceptionally well received.

Chaired by Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann, Professor Jose highlighted the impact of Chinese migrants to Australian culture, as well as the impact of China on the work of a number of Australia writers.

A full recording of the lecture can be seen below:


Nicholas Jose is Professor of English and Creative Writing at The University of Adelaide. He taught at universities in China in 1986-7 and was Cultural Counsellor at the Australian Embassy Beijing, 1987-90. He has played an important role in artistic and scholarly relations between the two countries since then. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, UK, and a regular visitor to Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Ghil’ad Zuckermann is Professor of Linguistics and Endangered Languages and Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Fellow at the University of Adelaide, Australia. An expert of revival linguistics, language contact and lexicology, he has spent significant time in China as a visiting scholar and has written extensively in the field of linguistics. He has published academic articles in English, Hebrew, Italian, Yiddish, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese.



Photo of Annual lecture



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