Adelaide’s Corey Kirkham through to final 30 in the International Hanyu Qiao Final

University of Adelaide engineering student Corey ‘柯小狮’ Kirkham is now officially through to the final 30 of the International ‘Hanyu Qiao’ Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition being held in Changsha China.

Held annually from 2002 onward, this is the competition’s 15th year. Broadcast widely in China the competition’s final is a huge media event, and many of the winners have gone on to work in media in China. Indeed the final has a TV audience measured in the tens of millions.

To reach the top 30 Corey first won the qualifying competition for students from SA, WA, NT and ACT held earlier this year in Perth. He was then selected from an initial field of 130 in the preliminary rounds of the competition in China earlier this month. The field will be further whittled down to 10 on August 4, before the final winner is announced on live TV on August 10.

Everyone at the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide is intensely proud of Corey and is continuing to cheer him on as he progresses through the competition. If you’d like to support Corey you can ‘like’ him on the competition’s website (Chinese only), by first registering (click on 注册). You can vote multiple times (once per minute), and the candidate with the most votes will win an online audience prize.


Corey at the Qualification round in Perth


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