China Briefing: China’s New Economic Plan and Its Impacts on Global Economy

Confucius Institute China Briefing700

In the past four decades China experienced spectacular economic growth along with its economic reforms, transforming a socialist planning economy into a market-oriented economy. In contrast to Eastern Europe’s big
bang market reform strategy in the 1990s, China is famous for its gradualist reform philosophy. However, along with this gradualist reform, potential risks and challenges accumulated over time, which have endangered the future
development of China.

What are these risks and how will China address them?

What does this mean for an Australian economy that sends a third of its exports to China?

Join us for a fascinating discussion on these questions and more at the first Confucius Institute China Briefing of 2017.


Professor Yue Qiao – Shandong University

Professor Yue Qiao graduated from the University of Surrey (PhD in Economics) in 2007. He started to work at the School of Economics of Shandong University in 2008.  He also serves as the director of the Williamson Center for Law, Economics and Organization at Shandong University and works as the associate editor of the Asian Journal of Law and Economics. Yue Qiao’s research interests are in economic analysis of antitrust law, litigation, industrial organization and China’s economy.

Professor Christopher Findlay – University of Adelaide

Executive Dean of the Faculty of the Professions at the University of Adelaide, Australia’s economic relations with Asia are the theme of Professor Findlay’s research, including a particular interest in the reform of the Chinese economy. Professor Findlay has been also been especially involved in research on the services sector in East Asia and on the implications of developments in that sector for Australia.

Following the talk, complimentary drinks and canapes will be served.

This is a free event, however registration is essential

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