Xie Tao presents enlightening briefing on Chinese perceptions of Donald Trump’s America

On August 17 the Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide was delighted to present an enlightening talk from Beijing based US politics expert Xie Tao on Donald Trump’s America, and its relationship with China.

Xie Tao, of Beijing Foreign Studies University is a professor of political science and an associate dean at the School of English and International Studies. With a long history of scholarship of US politics, he’s published extensively in both English and Chinese on US-China relations, and has been interviewed by many Chinese and foreign media outlets, including CCTV News, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, New York Times, and The Economist. He is also a regular contributor to China Power, a blog at

In this his first visit to Australia we were incredibly lucky to have him speak at the University of Adelaide, one of only two stops on a very quick visit, that also included an interview on ABC Radio National, and a talk at Sydney’s Australia-China Relations Institute with Bob Carr.

Xie Tao, spoke at length on the Chinese perceptions of the recent US election. He pointed out how Hillary Clinton was widely seen in China as much more qualified for the position than Donald Trump, but that despite his strong words on China, Trump consistently polled as more well liked amongst Chinese nationals. He also pointed out how poorly Clinton was perceived in China, and spoke of a number of editorials in China that seemed almost gleeful at Trump’s victory and the negative consequences for America.

Candidate Perceptions

Xie Tao’s take on Chinese perceptions of Trump & Clinton

As to the current view of the Chinese on the Trump administration Xie Tao spoke a lot on the mixed signals coming from the US, and the increased risks to the relationship through North Korea, Taiwan policy, political discord in Hong Kong and clashes over the South China Sea.


Professor Xie Tao speak on US-China policy

Professor Xie Tao speak on US-China policy

If you missed the lecture we hope to upload it to our YouTube page in the next few days.

You may also be interested in Xie Tao’s thoughts on his time in Australia as published in ‘The Diplomat’ and the podcast he recorded while in Australia with Bob Carr.



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