Architecting Cloud-Enabled Systems

Cloud computing has gained widespread adoption for providing highly scaleable on demand Information and Community Technology (ICT) infrastructure in many domains and businesses. Designing and evaluating cloud-enabled systems is highly complex and challenging undertaking. Researchers have been dedicating significant amount of resources for learning the challenges in designing and evaluating cloud-enabled systems and devising appropriate solutions for those challenges. The literature on this topic has been growing rapidly but there has been no attempt to systematically analysing and synthesising the published literature as a body of knowledge about challenges involved in designing architectures of cloud-enabled systems and the potential solutions to address those challenges. We have carried out a large scale study for the gaol of building a body of knowledge. This piece of work has recently been published as a journal article in Software: Practice and Experience. Following is the taxonomy of the reported challenges.
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 23.44.17We have systematically identified and reviewed 133 papers that report architecture related challenges and solutions for cloud-based software systems. This paper reports the methodological details, findings, and implications of a systematic review that has enabled us to identify 44 unique categories of challenges and associated solutions for architecting cloud-based software systems. We assert that the identified challenges and solutions classified into the categories form a body of knowledge that can be leveraged for designing or evaluating software architectures for cloud-based systems. Our key conclusions are that a large number of primary studies focus on middleware services aimed at achieving scalability, performance, response time and efficient resource optimization. Architecting cloud-based systems presents unique challenges as the systems to be designed range from pervasive embedded systems and enterprise applications to smart devices with Internet of Things (IoTs). We also conclude that there is a huge potential of research on architecting cloud-based systems in areas related to green computing, energy efficient systems, mobile cloud computing and IoTs.

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