Software Systems and Services Engineering Research at the School of Computer Science focuses on developing and/or rigorously evaluating approaches and tools for supporting the design, analysis, and evolution of complex and dependable software intensive system and services that meet both the functional and non-functional requirements as derived from the quality goals specified by the stakeholders. One of the key drivers of our research efforts is to help industry and society to build human as well as technological competencies in designing, analyzing, and evolving high quality software intensive systems and services systematically and predictably. To continue and grow our research efforts on methods, processes, and tools for high quality and dependable software intensive industrial and societal systems and services, the Software Systems and Services Engineering team at the University of Adelaide have established a research centre called CREST (Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies –, that brings researchers and students from other academic institutes to forge productive collaborative ties nationally and Internationally.

The group is well known for its research expertise and leadership in several sub-disciplines of software engineering, e.g., Software Architecture, Architecture Knowledge Managements, Open Source Software, Global Software Development, Agile Approach, and Empirical Software Engineering. The group is quickly establishing its research strengths and leadership in Methods, Approaches, and Tools for Software Engineering for emerging technologies and areas of societal importance such as Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Big Data Systems, and Secure and Privacy Protected Software Engineering.

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