Ian Reid awarded Laureate Fellowship

Professor Ian Reid (Australian CProfessor Ian Reidentre for Visual Technologies) has been awarded a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship.

The Australian Laureate Fellowship Scheme, run under the auspices of the Australian Research Council, provides generous project funding in addition to salary support to outstanding researchers and research leaders of international repute.

The aim of the scheme is to attract, retain, build and strengthen world-class research capability in Australia. Of the 17 fellowships announced in 2013, two were awarded to the University of Adelaide.

Each Fellowship is worth up to $700,000 per year for five years. Professor Reid will receive approximately $300,000 towards his proposed Fellowship project in addition to funding support in the form of two post-doctorate and two PhD positions.

His project in Lifelong Computer Vision Systems will create new ways of generating detailed environmental maps in real time, turning standard video cameras into sensors that ‘understand’ a visual scene. This high-level sensing will unlock a wide range of applications for autonomous systems in areas such as robotics and surveillance.

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