Student activity adds zest to learning

Our school supports a wide range of extracurricular activities to challenge you while having fun.  Announcements on how to get involved in activities such as those below are posted here throughout the year.

Programming competitions

The school has a long history of competing in competitions such as the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition, Cyber Security competition, Top Coder, just to name a few.  Students with an interest in programming competition are encouraged to join the coding club that meets weekly in the CS Learning Centre to team up with others interested in competing.

The CS club is a student club supported by the school.  CS club runs weekly LAN game nights, guest speakers on topics of interest to CS students as well as welcoming new students to the school.

 Peer mentoring

Current students act as big brothers/sisters for new students. The role of a peer mentor is to make our new students feel welcome (so they know at least one person as they start their studies) and to help them find the services they need – this might be helping them find classes/labs, making sure they are getting information from this forum, helping them make an appointment with a lecturer or course advisor, inviting them to CS and Uni activities that you are attending, etc.

 PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions)

PASS is an internationally accredited program and is applied in over 35 countries.  It is for all students, whether you want to improve from a Distinction to a High Distinction; a Pass to a Credit; or even just to obtain a Pass. No need to enrol or register, just find the class time that suits you and come along.

Industry visits

Microsoft, Google, Atlassian, just a few of the many companies that come to introduce you to their latest APIs, give you tips on finding and gaining the career you want.  Many of these opportunities are organised by the Careers service so be sure to sign up at to receive notifications.

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