AdelaideX launches ‘Think. Create. Code.’ MOOC

The University of Adelaide’s new partnership with EdX, AdelaideX has launched its first set of MOOCs, including Think. Create. Code.¬†an introductory programming course developed by the School of Computer Science.

Think. Create. Code. is about learning to code through the creation of artistic images and animations, resulting in your own online gallery. With many careers today involving some form of computation, there is a growing urgency for individuals to move beyond digital literacy, to understand how digital technologies work, and to develop literacy in code. This is why we have created Think. Create. Code.

In this course, you will not only learn the inner workings of your digital world, but also create and manipulate images with code, creating new artworks and interactive animations. Your images and animations will be displayed in an online Art Gallery, forming part of a vibrant learning community.

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