CSER Group Launches next CSER Teacher Professional Development MOOC – Next Steps

The CSER group has launched the next CSER MOOC, addressing the Digital Technologies curriculum for teachers of years 7 & 8, supported by Digital Careers and Google. This new course is open for Registration now, and will start on the 1st May, 2015.

The CSER MOOC – Next Steps builds upon CSER’s work in the Foundations-6 MOOC in helping provide support for teachers who are engaging with this new curriculum area. The Next Steps MOOC is a project-based course, exploring the design, implementation and evaluation process for constructing Digital Technologies projects. We use a combination of visual programming and general purpose programming languages, recognising that although the Australian Technologies Curriculum refers to skill development in general purpose programming at this year band, not all students and teachers will have had the opportunity to explore visual programming in prior classes at this time.

We look forward to working with teachers from across Australia in this new course. If you are a teacher of years 7 and/or 8, and are interested in Digital Technologies please join us in the open, free online course.

You can join the course here:

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