Project Poster Day Semester 1, 2016!

Many congratulations to our students who recently presented their project work for this semester, including the Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) project courses, Honours and Masters in Computer Science Projects, and projects undertaken as part of the Mobile and Wireless Networks course. It was a great event, with some fantastic projects on display!


Connie Pyromallis (Supervisor: Markus Wagner), Optimisation of PTO Systems of Wave Energy Converters in Arrays


Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) – Advanced Topics in Computer Science

  • Michelle Cao, TaskExtractor: A Task Identifying Web Application
  • Connie Pyromallis, Optimisation of PTO Systems of Wave Energy Converters in Arrays
  • George Lorenzetti, Visualisation of Professional Learning Event Data for Teachers
  • Jack Gerrits, A Search Engine Based on Deep Learning for Accessing RAH Radiology Cases
  • Jayden Barnes, Exploring semi-structured text with Siamese Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Katie Walker, Security Evaluation of the Go Cryptographic Package
  • Miguel Martin, Side Channel Attacks on the Haswell Micro-architecture
  • Tai Tran, Heuristic Optimization on Windows Phone
  • Wenhe Ding, Predict Crude Oil Future Price Trend by Machine Learning
  • Sahil Madan, Visualisation and Analysis of Large-Scale Protocol Utilisation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

Jayden Barnes (Supervisor: Gustavo Carneiro), Exploring semi-structured text with Siamese Recurrent Neural Networks


Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) – Topics in Computer Science

  • Chenkan Zhang – An Error-based Visualization of Student Model for An Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)
  • Mitchell Phillips – Intel SGX Security Experimentation
  • Farbod Motlagh – Probabilistic Indoor Tracking System Using UHF RFID Tags
  • Benjamin Morris – Automation of SISE and Effect of Co-Reference Resolution
  • Hope Lee – CRISTAL: Designing and implementing the tutoring framework for an intelligent simulator for trainee radiologists
  • Robert Guillham – How does proprietary software react to fault injection in a simulated engine environment?
  • Rajesh Durai – Augmented Reality-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for Minimally-Invasive Interventional Procedures in Radiology
  • Kevin Dang – Information propagation behaviours of the Australian agricultural industry on Twitter
  • Kosta Canatselis – Developing a Real-Time Collaborative Environment for Teachers and Students
  • Rachel Anderson – Security Evaluation of Commercial Libraries
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