Adelaide Team Wins CSIRO On-Prime Performance Bonus

PHEOA team of researchers from the School of Computer Science has received a $3200 performance bonus from the CSIRO On-Prime program for their work in exploring applications for mobile phone energy optimisation software. The team called, Portable Hardware Energy Optimisation (PHEO) consists of two academics from the School of Computer Science, Dr Markus Wagner (team leader), Dr Brad Alexander, and, from Adelaide Enterprise, Francois Duvenage. Bonus is awarded to research teams who have made strong progress in exploring opportunities for market impact for their products. The CSIRO On-Prime programme is a CSIRO-sponsored initiative to help research teams explore marketable applications for their research products. The PHEO team is investigating potential applications in the use of software tools to automatically locate and suggest repairs for energy bugs in mobile phone applications to help maximise phone battery lifetime. The PHEO team is communicating with a broad range of industry participant to identify where these ideas will have the most impact. The PHEO team is being mentored by Don Perugini, a veteran of multiple successful research-driven startup companies. The money from the grant will be spent to accelerate the teams investigation of applications for their technology.

Dreaming smartphone test rig

Test setup for varying conditions

Dreaming smartphone test rig

Test setup for external validation

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Optimisation and Logistics: Renewable Energy Research, Group Leader: Prof. Frank Neumann, Coordinator of Search-Based Software Engineering Research: Dr. Brad Alexander

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