Survey – Community Perceptions on Capabilities required to Learn How to Code

The CSER group is conducting a study into community perceptions on required learner capabilities and characteristics for learning to code. We are inviting members of the community to participate in a short survey to gather community perceptions about this topic – the survey should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Recently, we have seen a wave of initiatives, across a number of countries, that encourage everybody (from children to adults) to learn how to code. What do you think: can anybody learn to code? We know the reasons as to why learning to code can be beneficial, but we want to hear your honest opinion, with a focus on the required learner capabilities and characteristics for learning to code. Is it effort or ability that can lead someone to master the fundamentals of programming? What factors might impact on success at coding? We welcome your personal experiences or analogies.

Your responses to the questions below are anonymous and we ask that you do not explicitly disclose any personally identifiable information in your response. We are a computer science education research group and we would like to analyse the responses so that we can better understand community perceptions about this topic. We may publish the findings in academic peer-reviewed research papers.

The survey is available here, for those that wish to participate:

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