New CSER website for Digital Technologies Education

Since 2013, in partnership with Google, we launched a free open, online course for F-6 teachers to implement the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. Since, we have also launched a Years 7-8 course, supported by Google and Digital Careers, and have acquired $6.9 million in Australian Federal Funding from the Australian Department of Education and Training to expand our program.

Our new expansion will include a range of Digital Technologies Programs for Australian teachers, including our free, online CSER MOOC courses, free professional learning events, face-to-face community support, and our National Lending Library. As there are so many exciting things happening in this space, we have launched a brand new website to host all of our Digital Technologies Education activities and programs. This current CSER Blog site will continue to host our research activities.

To visit our new website go to:

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