SIGCSE 2017: Alternative Publishing and Dissemination of CS Education Research

Nick Falkner, along with colleagues Colleen Lewis and Elizabeth Patitsas, has had a Birds of a Feather sessions accepted for the upcoming SIGCSE 2017 conference.

Alternative Publishing and Dissemination of CS Education Research, Nickolas Falkner, Elizabeth Patitsas and Colleen Lewis. Accepted for SIGCSE 2017.

Large volumes of Computer Science Educational  (CS Ed) material are published every year but it is apparent that equally large volumes of this are not being read or having much impact on practice, or event available to the practitioners who could use it. How can we distribute CS Ed materials and information more effectively, and in potentially innovative ways? This BOF will provide a platform for discussion on a selection of techniques that encourage discussion and dissemination of CS Ed techniques in the community. Is traditional publishing still a good approach or is it just part of a wider group of techniques?

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