Computers & Education – Self-Regulated Learning Strategies using e-Learning Tools

A paper led by PhD Candidate, Rita Garcia, “Systematic Literature Review: Self-Regulated Learning Strategies using e-Learning Tools for Computer Science” has been accepted for the journal Computers & Education.

This paperĀ helps inform Rita’s PhD on the use of tools to support codification pedagogy in introductory programming assignments.

Abstract: In 1986, Barry Zimmerman and Manuel Martinez-Pons presented a taxonomy containing 14 categories on Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) strategies performed by high school students when studying. Since this study, researchers have used the taxonomy as a framework for their research on students’ SRL strategies and behaviours. When the taxonomy was constructed in the mid-1980s, these categories did not consider students’ SRL behaviours while using digital technologies to study. The goals of this systematic literature review are to understand if the original SRL strategies are addressed in modern Computer Science e-learning tools and to determine if tools have emerged that support SRL strategies not captured by the original taxonomy. This review organises the e-learning tools within the SRL categories. It shows that a preponderance of research has been done on certain SRL skills, with limited focus on other categories. The systematic literature review concludes with suggestions for future research opportunities pertaining to tools that support the original categories, as well as tools that support SRL strategies.

This paper is available for free until 4th of July, 2018 via Read paper.

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