An ecosystem approach to teacher professional development

We have been running our teacher professional development program in K-12 Digital Technologies Education for four years now, with our first massively open online course (MOOC) released in partnership with Google Australia in 2014. Since then, we have tested, iterated and refined our community-centric MOOC model, and with funding from the Australian Department of Education and Training and continued support from Google Australia, we have been able to expand our program to include free face-to-face support, technology support and support for champions of professional development. This has evolved to form a thriving ecosystem approach to professional development as a model to scale training across the country. Today, we have over 24,000 teachers enrolled across our programs.

We are thrilled that a paper conceptualising our ecosystem model has been accepted for publication in Computer Science Education.

We believe an ecosystem view of a teacher professional development program supports sustainability, authenticity and flexibility in how teachers engage with professional development, positioning teachers as co-contributors. This paper presents a model that can guide the design or expansion of professional development programs across all subject areas.

Read the full paper here.


Falkner, K., Vivian, R. & Williams, S. An ecosystem approach to teacher professional development within computer science. Computer Science Education.

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