Category: K-12 Digital Technologies

Our work in the area of K-12 digital technologies (computer science) education is a combination of both research and outreach. Previously computing has more formally been taught at senior or post-secondary levels, however, with a global drive to provide every child an opportunity to develop computational thinking skills and the chance to be creators of digital technologies, we have seen computing introduced in curricula as early as the first year of school. This is an exciting period, yet also raises challenges in terms of developing understandings about effective K-12 computing education pedagogy, the availability of learning and teaching resources, as well as the preparation of teachers to implement the new learning area.

In partnership with national and international educators and industry, we are currently exploring appropriate pedagogy, in terms of teacher professional development as well as appropriate pedagogy and learning activities for K-12 computer science, computational thinking and programming. Our efforts are aimed at contributing to this field of research and practice and to support teachers in primary and secondary schools to meet the challenges introduced by new computing curriculum, both within Australia and internationally.

To register and/or view the available online free teacher professional development courses (MOOCs) that align with the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum, please visit our MOOC site at:

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