CSER Social Media & Resources

Please find a list below of our online CSER social media and resources, where we share news, events, updates and content associated with computer science education research or relating to the Australian digital technologies curriculum.

CSER Social Media

CSER on Twitter

On our Twitter account, we keep you updated about CSER activities, published materials, news and content relating to computer science and digital technologies education. Follow us on Twitter @cserAdelaide

CSER on Google+

We share content, such as videos and links, related to computer science education on our Google+ Profile. If you are on Google+ too and would like to stay updated, add us to your circle!


CSER on YouTube

We have a CSER YouTube Channel, where you can view content about computer science education concepts or topics. Browse our videos on our YouTube Channel.

CSER on Pinterest

We use Pinterest for pinning CS education-related inspiration, activities and content. We have Pinterest boards about a range of CS education topics, such as ‘Computational Thinking’, ‘Programming’, ‘Algorithms’ and more! Visit us on Pinterest.

F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

This course is designed by the CSER Group, with the support of Google, to support teachers implement the Australian Digital Technologies learning area.

School of Computer Science on YouTube

The School of Computer Science YouTube Account here accessible here.