Velma Engages Regional South Australian Teachers in F-6 Digital Technologies

Dr Velma Beaglehole is currently a Primary Learners Project Officer in the Department of Education and Training, South Australia. Prior, Velma was an Australian Curriculum Implementation Officer. Velma was one of the first educators to share her inspiring story of using the MOOCs to support state-wide professional learning activities in regional areas across South Australia. 

Dr Velma Beaglehole, Implementation Officer, SA.

Thank you for putting up the Digital MOOC again for F-6. I have been able to advertise this at Renmark, where we ran a series of digital technologies workshops for over 60 teachers, and also at Reynella South. Kiralee, the Secondary Australian Curriculum Implementation Officer, is also running sessions with the Year 7/8 MOOC up at Renmark, Berri, Barmera, and more!

From my perspective as a primary educator, the MOOC was critical for updating teacher knowledge in Digital Technologies and for providing links to a huge array of valuable, classroom-ready resources. I ran a series of digital technology workshops using the MOOC and the Australian Curriculum and always directed teachers to CSER Digital Technologies so that they could follow up their own professional learning.

This year my role is a little different (Literacy focus), so I can’t play in the Digital Technologies space as much as before… but I still want to make links to coding – the new addition to the writing stable! 

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