Digital Technologies lessons for Literacy & Numeracy Week

National Literacy and Numeracy Week helps to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy at school and beyond. In 2016, Digital Literacy is being introduced as part of the week’s activities, to raise awareness of the importance of digital literacy skills today and to promote the introduction of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies learning area into Australian schools.

This year, for Literacy and Numeracy week, we have developed free downloadable slide decks, within our new PL-in-a-Box program, to support teachers to deliver Digital Technologies professional learning sessions in their schools. These practical workshops are designed to inspire and support teachers to build content knowledge and skills within Digital Technologies and empower teachers to immediately apply their learnings in the classroom during Literacy and Numeracy week. The goal of these workshops are to show how Digital Technologies can be integrated with Literacy or Numeracy, to enhance and support learning across domains.

We have a number of special slide decks, just for this occasion on the topic of algorithms, computational thinking, visual programming and binary. For more information, see our PL-in-a-Box! website at:

PL-in-a-Box is supported through Google, and are protected under a creative commons license agreement, meaning that you can download, customise, remix and re-share the slides for educational purposes.

PL-in-a-Box! Slide deck sample

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