The Hour of Code is Coming!

Over the last three years the Hour of Code has reached more than 100 million students in over 180 countries. Last year, this was the largest learning event in history, with record participation from girls and underrepresented minorities.

We’ve been thrilled each year to see our CSER MOOCs community and teachers around Australia sign-up to run an event, and represent Australia in this global event. Our Australian Hour of Code events have grown year by year!

This year, join this movement to provide every student with the opportunity to learn Computational Thinking.

Sign up your classroom today and get ready to do an Hour of Code with your class! Feel free to follow our easy how-to guide. You can even do an Hour of Code without Internet or computers! You do not need any prior knowledge.

Help us reach even more people by forwarding this email to another teacher. Or forward it to a principal to get your whole school on board!

The Hour of Code is from December 5-11, but you can run an Hour of Code event in the weeks before or after the event.

This event is perfect to be run in schools, in local libraries, a workplace, or as a teacher professional learning event. If you did the Hour of Code with your class last year, why not have them teach their families this year?!

Computers are changing every industry on the planet, and coding has become relevant to a wide range of high-paying jobs—even those outside the technology and engineering fields. For millions of students, the Hour of Code will be an inspiring introduction to this crucial 21st century skill.

Students (parents, or teachers!) who participate in the Hour of Code will receive a certificate of completion.

Have you signed up to run an Hour of Code event? Let the world know and share your event and photos with #HourOfCode!

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