Lending Library Program starts Term 1, 2017!

Our CSER Digital Technologies Education Program is now launching our National Lending Library program, with our first kits available from Term 1, 2017!

We will have several classroom kits available in our lending library, including kits built around using BeeBots, Makey Makeys, Spheros, and Ozobots in the classroom. Each kit contains a number of each device (12-18 depending on the kit ), as well as additional equipment and lesson plan exemplars designed to help you use them in the classroom. It is also possible to borrow kits of iPads in conjunction with one of the lending library kits, in case your classroom does not have sufficient devices.

Our kits are designed to be used in conjunction with our free professional learning support. Once you register interest in a kit for this upcoming semester, you will be contacted by the CSER Project Officer for your state or territory to discuss ways that we can continue to support you, including coming to your School to run free professional learning events.

You can register your interest in our lending library classroom kits here. We look forward to hearing about how you are using this in your classroom. We will be adding new kits over time, so watch this space!

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